How to Make Your Own Flowery Model A Skirt

Hello, how about ur day Reader ?
it’s take a long time i didn’t wrote in this blog, i’m officially missing all of you.
oke, i’m back  with my new project, i called it a flowery day with my flowery skirt.

i bought my flowery fabric about 3 month ago, but i am confused to execute it. i want to make a dress or vest but i dont have enough fabric. So, i decided to  make a new skirt.  I really love skirt with A model,  a skirt without crease on it.

Reader, i will tell you how to make my skirt, let’s check it out

The first step,  make a pattern, Then cut the fabric based on the pattern. Look at this picture below :


The second step, split the fabric into two part so i can put on the zipper to the  skirt.  Like this picture.

IMG_6513The next step, put on the zipper between two part of the fabric that i cut before


IMG_6510After the zipper put on the fabric well, sew the two part to become one. And the back of the skirt have been done.


IMG_6517The  fabric with zipper is back part, and the other is front part of the skirt. The next step is combine and sew the back and front part.


IMG_6519sixth step : trim the waist part by adding square fabric round the waist of the skirt, look at the picture below:

IMG_6521Then, at the back of the skrit, fold the fabric at the right and left  side and sew it likes the picture above.

IMG_6523Last step, sew the bottom of the skirt, and put on the hook button.





sew the bottom part of skirt

Finished, This is the Result :


let me try it :D

let me try it 😀



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